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Repairand maintenance service

A history of 30 years in repair andmaintenance service for cryocoolers and cryopumps

Rich experience in repair andmaintenance service for 230 sets of cryocoolers and cryopumps

Repair and maintenance service coversthe world-famous companies in cryocoolers and cryopumps industry: CTILeyboldSHIULVACDAIKINRMCAPD, etc.


Repair and maintenance services ofcryopump:

·Spare parts replacement (such as adsorber, piston ring and so on )

·System leak-checking, helium charging

·Equipment overhaul

·Maintenance of helium compressor unit (until the compression pump is replaced)

·Equipment replacement (by product of our company or imported product)

·Other proper methods that customers want to choose