Insulated Vessel and Pipe
  •  Dewar used in petroleum probe
     The Dewar used in petroleumlogging which is produced by our company is applied to oil exploration, well logging,geological measuring devices, and cutting off high temperature environment fordetectors and electronic components. The core technology of this product is thevacuum insulation technology, in which we have rich experience. Dewar used inpetroleum logging was first successfully developed by us inChinaand obtained the National Science Confer…
  •  Quadrate polyurethane heat-insulated Dewar
     Compared with the conventional cryogenic treatment instrument,the system adopts new structure design, combined with vacuum insulated pipelines,has the following features: reasonable structure, small heat leakage of cryogenictreatment instrument and low liquid nitrogen loss, square cryogenic tankcontains two cold source entering methods (soaking and spray), the leaked gasof cryogenic valve tightness test is recovered and recycled to use; inadditio…
  •  Vacuum insulation pipeline
     Vacuum insulation pipeline is used to transport cryogenic liquid and gassuch as liquid nitrogen, liquid helium, liquid oxygen, liquid argon, liquidnatural gas, etc. The cryogenic pipeline, together with valves, connectors, relative sensor and controlunits, are used in cryogenic storage tank, air separation plant, LNG receiving station, other using fields for cryogenic liquid gases and so on.