Custom System
  •  Off-axis reflection type Dual channel telescopic Vacuum Chamber System
     The system consistsof vacuum chamber and optical system. Vacuum Chamber is made up of chamber, vacuum pump package ,vacuum gauge ,etc. There are three optical windows designed inthe chamber. The chamber can be open at both ends. The two parts connects for the whole chamber which is installed and located on the vibration-isolated base,achieving the oil-free vacuum circle.
  •  Rotary Test Platform For Cryostat System
     The system applied in superconducting labs. Its vacuum unit consists of flange, vacuum housing,radiation screen, magnet skeleton, hot bridge, etc. The small vacuum chamber is made up of two small vacuum housing and radiation screen.
  •  Vacuum Chamber
     Vacuum Chamber can form vacuum environment applied for installation of cryogenic valve, Helium liquidation system and installation of flow control valve for cryogenic liquidmedia in system.