Crypump & Refrigerator
  •  Vapor cryopump
     Vapor cryopump is the cryogenic vacuum pump which is designed to extract vapor. The vapor cryopump developed by our company adopts cryocooler to cool and it is composed by cold head, compressor, condensing array, control system, valve and so on. The vapor cryopump cooled by cryocooler is widely used in vacuum coating field.
  •  Helium compressor unit
     Helium compressor unit is an important component of cryocooler and cryopump. The role of helium compressor unit is providing necessary high and low pressure cycles for the cold head (expander) of cryocooler. Its internal generally filled with 99.995% high purity helium. It is connected with the cold head through the metal hoses to form a complete cryocooler system.
  •  Cryocooler
     Gifford-Mcmahon cryocooler (abbreviated GM cryocooler) is a regenerative small-size low-temperature cryocooler, which uses the principal of adiabatic degassing expansion (also known as the Simon expansion) to obtain low temperature. It has many advantages such as simple structure, reliable operation, stable performance and long service life, etc.Vacree Technologies Co., Ltd. (CETC No.16 Research Institute)has nearly 40 years' experience in R&am…