Agent products
  •  Cryorefrigerators
     Cryomech manufactures both Pulse Tube and Gifford-McMahon Cycle Cryorefrigerators. At this time all of our products are base on the Gifford-McMahon Principle of separate compressor package and cold head (expander). The compressor package supplies the compressed Helium for the Cold Head inside of which the helium expands to create cryogenic temperatures. These components are connected with flexible lines and a motor cord to complete the cryorefrig…
  •  Liquid Helium Plants
     Cryomech Liquid Helium Plants allow the user to liquefy 15, 22, 40 and 60 liters/day of helium from any room temperature source. Laboratories can now manage their own liquid Helium consumption and conservation. With a properly sized Helium Recovery System, facilities with several cryostats with different boil offrates can use one Liquid Helium Plant. Additional Helium can be added to the system from cylinders.
  •  Liquid Nitrogen Plants
     Cryomech, Inc.manufactures reliable, fully automatic 10, 20, 40, 60 and 120 liter per day Liquid Nitrogen Plants (LNPs). A nitrogen generator separates nitrogen from the other components of the air, without any moving parts.